The Bradshaw Duncan House located in Crestwood, Kentucky is available for weddings, celebrations, private parties, and corporate events. Located just 20 minutes from downtown Louisville on 36 acres of rolling Kentucky countryside, the Bradshaw Duncan House is on the National Registry of Historic Places.

Originally built-in 1805 and added to in 1855-60, this historic home and its surrounding property offer flexible indoor and outdoor spaces that are perfect for your celebration or event.

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In addition to weddings, we welcome bridal showers, bar/bat mitzvahs, celebrations of life, birthday and anniversary parties, and corporate events to build team spirit and encourage creative thinking. You name the event and we will plan it with you – the sky is the limit!


The story of the Bradshaw-Duncan House began circa 1805 when the original
four-room, Federal-styled house was built by John and Catherine Bradshaw during
the late settlement period in Kentucky. The Federal-style suggests the Bradshaws
had selected a more refined style for their home than the typical log construction of
the time.

The Bradshaw-Duncan House was built at two different times and in two different
architectural styles. During the period 1855-60, the original section of the house
was expanded to two stories and a full-length galley porch was added in the
Italianate style of architecture. The builders and/or architects of the house remain

The Bradshaw-Duncan house is listed in the National Register of Historic Places
within the context “Italianate Style in Oldham County, Kentucky 1850-1875.
The original home featured nine-over-six double-hung sash windows that still
remain today. In fact, the original window glass is intact in most of the windows of
the house from both construction campaigns (c 1805 and 1855-60).
Located on Todds Point Road in what is now known as Crestwood, Kentucky, the
Bradshaw-Duncan House was built when the town was known as Floydsburg,
named for James John Floyd (1750-1783). Floyd was born in Virginia and first
arrived in Kentucky in May 1774.

In 1834, James and Irene Duncan acquired 198 acres from the Bradshaws and
over the next several decades, the tracts of land changed hands between various
members of the Duncan family and their spouses.
In 1981 Duane J. and Anne Murner purchased the property and eventually added
a great room, in-ground swimming pool, and tennis court.

In 2007, the home and property were purchased by its current owner, Fred Dolt.
Fred and his wife, Tina, like the Murners, respectfully improve and lovingly restore
this Oldham County landmark and property as needed.

It has been noted that the Bradshaw-Duncan House has maintained its historical
integrity over the years and the current owners will ensure this continues for years
to come. Even with its modern updates, exploring the Bradshaw-Duncan House is
like stepping back in time.

Today the historic home and expansive grounds are available for private and
corporate events. The Bradshaw-Duncan House sits on 36 acres of breathtaking
Kentucky countryside yet is only 20 minutes from downtown Louisville. Whether
you are planning a wedding, special celebration or corporate function, the
Bradshaw-Duncan House provides a distinctive and historic environment that you
and your guests will enjoy and remember.